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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 14, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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we've lost the picture. but you are listening to the musing being played at the joint air force base. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. that somber homecoming for the four americans killed last week in benghazi, libya. president obama, vice president biden and secretary clinton were all taking part in that event as the remains of the four americans returned to american. this a is a short time ago as the four draped caskets were carried by a plane, by a military honor guard. the americans were ambushed on tuesday by assailants with
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rocket-propelled grenades. one of the them was chris stevens from pedemont high, graduate of 1978. graduated from hastings law in san francisco. >> i want to thank his parents and siblings who are here today for sharing chris with us and with our country. what a wonderful gift you gave us. >> they didn't simply embrace the american idol. they lived it. they embodied it. the courage, the hope and yes, the idealism. that fundamental american belief that we can leave this world a little better than before. secretary clinton attendance at the ceremony was personal for her because she said she sent
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ambassador stevens to libya knowing she sent him on a risky assignment. [chanting] >> demonstrations are taking place in nearly a dozen countries in the middle east and north africa. in chiro, protests entered a fourth straight day. at arrest four people are dead after protesters clashed with the american embassy in yemen. the heaviest violence was in sudan. and tunisia's news agency says two people have died, 29 others are injured outside of the embassy. in the meantime, david petraeus,
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the cia -- >> we'll have a chance to talk to him informally. >> that is dianne feinstein. leon panetta is also on capitol hill. the white house says there's no evidence so far suggesting the deadly attacks by libyan protesters was me pred tate -- premeditated. turning to the bay area. there was drama overnight when a shooting came to an end. claudine wong has more. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. yes, school is in session here at fair oaks elementary school. official officials have put up tape marking where this clays came to an end. this morning, the principal got to school and the press and knew something it happened --
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had happened. he quickly learned the damage to the front of the school all left behind by a high-speed chase that ended here. >> we have a school messenger system and we're -- we're getting people know they can come and that they are safe. >> reporter: the chase started here at magazine and lincoln, this spot two counties, three freeways and 16 miles away from where -- from where it all ended. >> m police say it started when vallejo detectives spotted the suspect vehicle. but when officers tried to pull the driver over, he took off, on 80, 780, a -- and 680. a short distance later, the suspect came down lisa lang in pleasant hill and right behind it became several police cars with rots of -- lots of sirens.
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what the suspect may not have known, lisa lane is a dead end. >> the car came speeding past, there were gunshots. >> there were two in the car, there were two male drivers, at which point the driver ran out of the car. made a jet chur to the officer and he -- gesture to the officer and epfireed one shot at him -- and he fired one shot at him. >> back live out here in pleasanton hill. everything back to normal here. the principal says he's just trying to get the kids in school. in the meantime, the investigation is continuing. those two suspects are now in custody. live in pleasant hill, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the middle school attended by the chp officer shot last
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week, kenyon youngstrom is holding a fund-raiser. they plan to be at the safeway store on business center drive just off green valley road. they will be collecting both new and used gift cards between 4:30 and 6:30 this evening. a vigil is scheduled for 8:00 tonight for a 67-year-old clerk at this 7:11 -- 7/11 store in milpitas. it will be held outside of the store on north milpitas boulevard, where muhammed reza was shot and killed. police released surveillance photos of the robbers. you can see all three wore hooded sweatshirts and imagines. anyone with information isel ised -- masks. anyone with information is asked to call the milpitas police department. contra costa county fire investigators are looking into a suspicious fire in antioch this morning. one of three in the same area in about 12 hours, and they say the fire began in trees behind
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the house on william reed drive. for -- firefighters say it might have started in a homeless encampment. neighbors say it's scary. >> you never know what's gonna happen. it starts and maybe your fence will go up and everything in your yard and home goes up. >> this morning's fire did not reach the house. investigators are looking into the two-alarm fire around 10:40 last night at the 99 cent store on sycamore and elm. they believe if was arson and might be related to a fire earlier. no one was injured. we learned today that a menlo park school that just had a large school did not have monitored fire alarms or a sprinkler system. the fire started early in the morning at palm beachwood school. lorraine blanco is joining us live from the campus to let us
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know what's going on today. >> reporter: good afternoon. an excavating company has been here since daylight. they have been using this huge piece of equipment to haul off all of this large rubble. it looks like a huge order but beechwood administrators are confident everything will come together to reopen in three would -- in just three days. what used to be a third grade lass courtroom is a pilot's -- classroom is a pilot's rubble. it cost $400,000 in damage. the fire's chief said the outcome would have hurt less if there were sprinklers and alarms. >> if -- te need monitoring systems. they need to have a 4-hour point where someone can see if there's a problem. >> reporter: the chief says the
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fire had been returning before at least -- >> the choice gets everybody out. they march out. they have designated places to go. the teachers know to grab the roll sheet by the door so they can check that every child is with them. >> we've clairfully done that. >> reporter: the california family foundation, which runs the nonprofit school, is in the process of buying the land from the city and add plin straighters hope to start -- administrators hope to start construction when any raise enough money. for now they plan to open up the trailers on monday. >> we know how important the trailers are to the school. >> reporter: fire
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investigators think the fire started in the teachers' break room because of a pinched cord on an electrical stove. if you can help out, they are looking for supplies and money. back to you. the cdc says the u.s. is in the midst of the worst outbreak in years. more than 100 cases of the mosquito-born illness have been reported nationwide. 40% are in texas. on wednesday, contra costa county officials reported the first bay area case. that victim a woman is recovering. a 74-year-old man died over the weekend. five cases have been fatal in california. i saw the pole fall, and inwasn't about to get close wires -- and i wasn't about to get close to the wires.
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bomb threats were made against two university campuses in different parts of the united states this morning. one was at the university of texas in austin. authorities evacuated campus buildings after a call from someone claiming to be from al qaeda said bombs would go off in 90 minutes. the deadline passed and authorities cleared all of the buildings. a threat was also phoned in at north dakota state university where 20,000 people were evacuated. no bombs were found there either. santa cruz police are asking for help finding a 70- year-old woman who disappeared last month possibly while driving to see her 90-year-old mother in san diego. >> the family says deanna approx would have been driving her 2003 bp cruiser -- -- brooks would have been driving her 2003 bp cruiser and the family has searched five
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counties. no trace of her. there is word that homeless people are returning to encampments. one was at an underpass on kurtner avenue. law enforcement and other crews spent the summer cleaning out those encampments. hayward police say a drunk driver is to blame for a car crash that knocked down a utility pole causing a power outage. it happened near the cal campus on campus drive. the road will remain closed until 5:00 this evening. the closure allows crews to restore electricity to about two dozen people in the area. around 1:00 this morning, a woman driving a gold minivan snagged into the pole snapping some high voltage wires. witnesses say the woman was
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clearly intoxicated but not injured. >> as soon as we heard the popping noise, the power went out. we had to figure out what was going on. >> hazmat crews are also on the scene wiping out oil from a blown transformer. crews say it will cost up to 30,000 to make repairs. there's new information this morning surrounding the chevron refinery fire in richmond last month of the the city and air regulators are now saying that -- month. the city and air regulators are now saying that those that were agreed to be installed were not in place. the company claims there was not a defined schedule, saying when they needed to be installed. the state public utilities commission says there are dozens of miles of unsafe pipes under the treats -- under the streets of san francisco and a city ordinance is preventing pg&e from fixing them.
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the department of public works, bans underground work pipe -- like pipe repairs in 3,000 road segments in the city. according to frank lin, a letter was sent to ask the city to tell the department of public works to let pg&e repair the pipeline. pg&e says they've already replaced more than 500 miles of gas lines in san francisco and there are 36 more miles to go. some runners have taken off from san francisco for a 24- hour relay race. >> 3, 2, 1! go! [ cheers ] >> the first teams left at 5:00 a.m. for the ray. the one is 200 -- for the praise. the run is 200 miles and will end in calistoga. >> one of the areas we're here, the bay area is one of the best- running locations in the nation.
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it's ranked as one of the beast beautiful running areas. >> this year money is raised by the activities league which is a program designed to keep kids active through sports. 200 miles. that's a long distance, about from here to lake tahoe when you put that in perspective. a long run but some great weather to cooperate the weathers as you can see in the north bay. a few high clouds in this region but still shaping up to be a very nice afternoon. as you can pick up on the satellite, the lower clouds still hugging up the -- hugging the coast, it's been the constant. this is one development. you will notice the clouds around san francisco and pacifica. but some clearing skies around half moon bay, sunshine for them for parts of the san mateo county coast. as far as the forecast, we have a nice forecast.
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more sunshine inland. some morning fog, a little bit of cooling and the extended -- show you some of the current numbers out there, the warmest locations 80 now antioch. oakland, 62. and san francisco in 59. away from the immediate coastline it will be warm. there is a weather system that moves in from for -- primarily for sunday. ceremony temperatures come in -- for sunday. temperatures come in. you can see the forecast for both saturday and sunday. a lot of sunshine -- a lot of sunshine. chilly mornings, though. the afternoon high is warming back up in the 70s. from the lower 60s out to pacifica, san francisco 6 a. warmest locations out toward brent www.and antioch. fremont in the upper 70s and
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back home -- brentwood and antioch. fremont in the upper 70s and back home, a few clouds and 64 degrees. here's a look ahead -- your five-day forecast with your weekend in view. your weekend just about knocking on our door. temperatures not changing much. still warm inland but the overall trend is not much of one. we'll cool things off. it looks like a nice forecast for monday and tuesday with no major heat out there. patchy fog and warming up. >> i like it. >> all right. thank you, mark. a new east bay job training program just celebrated the second graduating class. 13 students received their diplomas from the medical device program. the community college from oakland says 75% of the recent graduates have received job offers in the by yes tech field. a number of the grads were laid
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off including debra long was laid off including -- >> it was a very challenging program. there was physics, math matics -- market matics and -- mathematics. a program called how it works. very, very good program. our stocks are flying high still since the good news from the federal reserve. so with colgate optic white, all you need to look fabulous is your smile. colgate optic white. whiter teeth in 1 week.
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stocks are still higher, widing a wave of enthusiasm after the announce mment -- announcement that the federal reserve would jump in and try still lame the account and -- stimulate the account and apple's stock, stock is high. 28,000 cartons of cantaloupe are being recalled by a fresno county company because of a possible cal none mon fell law -- salmonella. statefullys say the recalled cantaloupes have a sticker that were sold between august 27th
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and september 10th. tonight, on the news at 5:00, we are monitoring the turbulent situation? the middle east as we showed youer -- in the immediate. as we show -- in the middle east. as weigh showed you, the bodies -- we showed you today, the bodies killed were returned to the u.s. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at and mobile dñañy
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